Should I rent or purchase from Bo Phillips?

The answer depends on two questions:

  • What is the duration of your job?
  • Will you need this equipment in the future?

Once we have these answers, our estimators can develop a comparison analysis so you can make an informed decision.

Does Bo Phillips have a "rent-to-own" program?

No. Bo Phillips does not have a formal "rent-to-own" program.

Does Bo Phillips provide delivery and pickup?

Yes, with our fleet of radio/GPS dispatched trucks. Delivery fees may apply.

Does Bo Phillips set up traffic control devices?

Bo Phillips is an equipment provider of road work safety equipment and delivers to a customer’s specified staging area. For projects with unlimited budgets, we are happy to provide information on organizations that maintain traffic for the duration of the traffic control event.

Does Bo Phillips provide installation of work zone signs?

Yes. We can install advance warning signs on channel posts. However, we cannot do it "right away" because we are required by law to locate and mark the location of the sign and have it cleared by the Utilities Protection Center prior to installation. Signs may be placed on stands for periods of 72 hours or less.

Does Bo Phillips provide traffic control plans?

Yes. Our ATSSA certified personnel can create a computer-generated TCP using work zone information provided by you (such as linear footage, time duration, number of lanes, lane width, posted speed). Pricing for TCP plans varies with complexity. We also do site evaluations for an additional charge.

Does Bo Phillips provide certified flaggers?

No, but we can provide information regarding flagger training and turn-key flagger services.

Does Bo Phillips manufacture signs?

Yes. At our manufacturing site, we use the correct plastic or aluminum substrate to make permanent DOT signs (stop, yield, speed limit, etc.), advance warning signs (road work, lane closed, men working, etc), and other control signs (parking, handicapped, fire lanes) designed for exterior use. Deposits are required for large custom sign orders. For specific information, please contact us directly at (770) 939-6115 or email us at

Does Bo Phillips offer volume discounts?

We offer discounts on some mass-produced items such as traffic drums, traffic cones, and signposts. Most discounts are order-specific and the entire order must be picked up or delivered at the same time unless prior arrangements have been made. For more information, please give us a call at (770) 939-6115.

What is the MUTCD?

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is published by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The manual contains all national design, application, and placement standards, guidance, options, and support provisions for traffic control devices. Part 6 of the MUTCD relates to Temporary Traffic Control. Visit the MUTCD website for more information.